Wapolotto Hocus Pocus (Instructions)


This is a Elimination Wheel. Numbers not checked are removed before the final results are Wheeled. For the regular ball choose as many as 61 different numbers to remove. For the red or Power Ball choose as many as 25 numbers to remove. If a number is checked then it is NOT removed.

There must be at least 8 numbers checked for the regular balls and 1 number checked for the Power Balls (red) or the program will issue and error.

If there are no boxes checked you will also get an error. If all of the boxes are checked an error message will be generated. This would be the same as a quick pick routine. There are plenty of Lottery sites that wheel quick pick numbers so I have decided not to do it here.

If you are lucky and can remove enough numbers (an unchecked box is a removed number) that are not chosen in the next Powerball 69/5 + 26/1 Lottery game then it is likely that you will have some winning tickets!

Use the “Shuffle” button on the first page and you will see that the check boxes with checked numbers will have changed.

Regardless, If you do not like what you see you can check or uncheck any check box of your choice. You can do this for the Regular or White Balls or for the Red or Powerball choices.

Error screens will appear if you have not checked any boxes, you checked every box, there are not at least 8 boxes checked for the Regular or White Ball or there is not at least 1 box checked for the Red or Powerball.

Click the “Continue” button when you are ready.

The “Reset” button returns both charts to their original settings for checked or not checked boxes.

The next screen shows the numbers wheeled from your check box choices.

Click the “Do Again” button and you will see that some of the wheeled number choices have changed again.

These are your wheeled choices and you may choose to use them if you participate in the next Powerball Lottery game or not.

The Hocus Pocus of it:

There are strategies that Lottery gamers use to help them pick their Lottery numbers. You can find them all over the Internet. They use the “Gamblers Formula”, “Hot and Cold” number charts, “QuickPick” routines, “Number Total” charts and the like.

The odds of winning in a Powerball game is 1 in 292,201,338 (that’s million) and I wheel for you a paltry 40 choices at a time.

When you pick your 1st number out of 69 numbers you have 68 choices left for the 2nd number you pick and then 67 choices left for the 3rd number you pick and then 66 choices left for the 4th number you pick and finally 65 choices left for the 5th number you pick.

Multiply 69 * 68 * 67 * 66 * 65 and you get 1,348,621,560.

Since you can pick 5 numbers 120 different ways like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 2, 3, 4, 5, 1 or 3, 4, 5, 1, 2 and so forth. The formula is n(n – 1)! n=5 so 5(5 – 1)! is the same as 5(4)! That is read 5 * 4 factorial. 4 factorial is 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 which is equal to 24. So 5 * 24 = 120.

Now take 1,348,621,560 and divide it by 120 and you get 11,238,513. You still have the Powerball and you only have one choice out of 26 so multiply 11,238,513 by 26 and you get 292,201,338 chances that one ticket will match all the numbers chosen in that Powerball Lottery game.

So, you might ask “How did you decide which numbers to have checked or not checked.” and “What makes your program better than all the rest.”

I must explain that I do not want to spend more than $20.00 at a time for playing the Powerball Lottery game. At $2.00 per ticket that is only 10 tickets. One strategy is to find a way to choose your Lottery tickets and to stick with it. I use my own program to choose my tickets. I have found that more times than not there will be at least one of the winning numbers present in at least 5 of the tickets. I have also wheeled the winning Powerball number.

If you want to see if my routine does more than just wheel Quick Pick tickets try this little experiment.

Get the winning Powerball Lottery numbers from any of the past Powerball Lottery games and use them in my program and then look at the wheeled results.

Hocus Pocus:

The strategy I used for choosing which number to have checked or not checked is my little secret. You can use them or use your own.

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Have fun and Good Luck!