What’s new at Wapolotto?


The first place to start is to explain about the name “Wapo Lotto”.

Way back when I was actually working for a living I wrote my first Lottery program.

The Cellular telephones were at the time called “Wap” phones (Wireless Application Protocol). They used “WML” (Wireless Markup Language) to display on those tiny phone screens the results of my programming prowess.

These tiny little programming gems were nothing more than a routine to randomly pick numbers and display them properly. I used the Perl programming language and interfaced it with the WML. And that was that.

So, now you know the “Wap” of it. Hence, Wapo rhymes with Lotto and “Now you know the rest of the story” (Thanks, Paul).

Now I go a bit further back in time:

My very first attempt at programming began with the advent of the California Lottery. I managed to trade some cellular repair work for an updated computer that had on it a version of QuickBasic that could compile my code and out of it make an executable program (.exe). I remember that Windows 3 was all the rage at the time.

It seems that every time I get a new Cellular phone that within days, weeks or a few months a better, fancier and more powerful cell phone would hit the market. The same thing happened and continues to happen with Windows versions.

I gravitated to learning relational database programming, PHP, Java, CSS, JavaScript and anything else I could get my mind around. Most of this was at my ripe old age of 50 or better.

Powerball “Trial Elimination Wheel”:

I recently finished my code for the Powerball “Trial Elimination Wheel” number picker/generator. Click the link below to go there now!

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I may continue to clone the Powerball routine for other games in the U.S. but want to see first whether this takes off or not.